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by Rika Nathania

This topic might be a good idea to think of, especially for small business. Even though the product is good, but with weak marketing strategies, the brand will eventually starts decline.

Before choosing  the best social networks, we need to examine few things such as our products, budget, and demographic of targeted customer.

Through the statistics of network worldwide, here's the top leading sites which can be used to market your business.

1. Facebook

With the highest number of active users 1,415 million around the world. Facebook is a good platform to build a community and reach a broad network. Even though younger generation start leaving/rarely use Facebook, but majority of adults are still active participating in Facebook. The primary reason of Facebook is to engage with friends and family, but they start to offer various features for business. Few examples are the paid advertising options. Business can choose their budget to promote their brand (through post or photos) and finally people (who might interested) are able to see the ads.
However, for small business it might not be a best option, because it's really hard to market if you don't choose paid options. The chance for people to see our posts are very small, since paid promotion business ads or post will be prioritized.

2. LinkedIn

This platform usually used by people in B2B industry. Most people use it for making business connections or looking for a new job. Average of LinkedIn users are people with high income and education levels. This platform might be a good media for middle to huge business to market their brand, but not a good thing to use for small businesses.

3. Instagram

This platform is one of the rising social networking sites, especially for young generations. Its feature that focus on visual aspect made people interested with this app. It might be a good choice for all types of business. Their options to market are not as much as Facebook, so even small business still able to market their product without struggling with their budget to use the app.
In order to getting popularities and followers on instagram, you can see my previous post HERE. Further, there are several example of brands (which are pretty popular) use Instagram as a tool to market their business. You can read the post HERE.

4. Twitter

With a good amount of active users (almost same as Instagram), Twitter can be a great choice, especially for business which appeal "Information Junkies".  Additionally, it's a good way to build a positive relationship with customer, by respond and engage with them.

5. Tumblr

Another platform which focus on its visual aspect is Tumblr. This platform can be considered as a mixture of Instagram and blog. Therefore, people could post pictures and write long text inside the post.

Finally, business should use various social media to promote their business. Even though marketers should consider various things that suits their business model, I would say that the best social media is Facebook (because of its highest active users). However, for smaller business it's better to start with Instagram.


Few weeks ago, I created a VIDEO about Cassey Ho, which is popularly known as Blogilates from her Youtube video. If you like to do fitness and usually watch Youtube, you should've heard about her. She's one of an inspiration to many people, because of her bubbly personality and her motivation to appreciate body image. Mostly it's woman that watch her Youtube channel.

It's not easy to reach the achievement she received now and you can view her video that tells about her journey HERE. 

Today, she is considered as successful social media marketer. Further, she has appeared as an example of a successful social-media fitness entrepreneur in book Social media marketing all in one for dummies.

In marketing perspective, she creates value to her followers/viewers though her Social Media. All of her post, whether image or video are always informative and attractive.
Further, she always updated her Youtube weekly, and other social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) few times in a week.
Check out the video I create to hear the explanations on how Cassey delivers value. I must say that she's an awesome person!
(see my video HERE)

As a summary from the video I made, Cassey delivers value using:
Through her videos she's giving awareness on healthy body image, informative, and entertaining.
2. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
She gives regular informative updates and engage with fans.
3. Website (blog)
Her blog features a good navigation ( so people can see easily on the content they want to search) and keeps consumer up to date by joining her mailing list.

If you want to know more about Cassey and her fitness videos, you can check her CHANNEL.

Have you ever heard or maybe watch Blogilates channel? What do you think about her? Share your opinion on the comment below :)
Few days ago I asked few friends of mine to describe a social media which describe a word that I mentioned. Here's few things that I mentioned:
Video? youtube
Pictures? Instagram
Music? Spotify

Who doesn't know Spotify? This app is very popular recently, especially for teens.
Basically, Spotify is a commercial music streaming, podcast and video service from record labels and media companies. Spotify is almost the same with iTunes, but the users don't need to download the songs before hearing the music.Music can be browsed by artist, genre, playlist, or record label. Paid premium subscribers allow users to download music for offline listening and remove advertisement.

Spotify was launched in 2008, with 40 million active users and 10 million premium subscriber on 2014. Over 20,000 songs added per day and the playlist are more than 1.5 billion.
Their revenue mostly come from Spotify's premium subscription which cost $9.99/month.
The features of this app is on demand library that allow users to create playlist and follow other music lovers. Spotify Radio is also available to access various staions modelled after artists and music genres. What's better is they offer free version of streaming service, so all people can access their app.


The growth increase significantly over the years. A reason for this is because of its impact on music playlist and trends from friend or influential people. The impact can be fully analysed when breaking down specific metrics of each features in Spotify. By doing this we can see the impact of each element. The explanation on growth analysis can be better explained from this POST

Few lessons we can learned from Spotify strategies are:
1. Network Effects
 Spotify is linked with social media Twitter and Facebook, so users can publicly share what they listen to all friends and followers in their social channels. It is good for brand building and music discovery. Even though network effects difficult to create, but they successfully build a strong switching costs and network effects on their early move in U.S.
2. Pricing Strategies
Spotify also use this strategy by giving discount to $4.99 for university students. They create this promotions because youth segment is a segment that likes to try new things, have good word of mouth and network effects. Further, the discount is considered huge, so teens would be attracted in trying the app.

As a consumer myself, even though I use their free service, I could feel the service their offer is really good. Not only for customer, but Spotify also guarantee revenue for music publishers and providers through their streaming advertising. However, their music library is still limited since some artists refuse to publish their songs on Spotify. Further, few consumers might leave Spotify because of its limits on accessing free music.
Even though the company still face many competitors and challenges, but they have a good achievement until now. Their ability as a media to connect music between music creators and consumer create a good rating for Spotify. Further, a news announced that Starbucks will collaborate with Spotify. Therefore the baristas become DJ and consumers able to hear new and refreshing music.

When news or talks starts to circulate on discussing about particular brand or products, more and more people will join the discussion, which leads to a noise. Most of the time, this noise will bring positive impact for the company.

However, if the discussion is actually just a rumour, then what will happened?
This is what happened to Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), which there was rumour that the female lead actress (Jun Ji-hyun, in the drama: Cheon Song Yi) from drama "My Love from the Star" wear YSL lipstick on the show.

For people who like to watch Asian drama or movies, they would absolutely know about this drama. The series was a hit in all Asian countries, such as Korea, China, Indonesia, etc, which was airing from 18 December 2013 to 27 February 2014.

Since it was very popular, people started discussing on what the actress wore on the drama. One of the hottest topic is about the lipstick that Cheon Song Yi use. Once the news broke that the color was Rouge Pur Couture in No. 52 Rosy Coral, Korean fans rushed to buy the product. By late January, the color completely sold out in Seoul. Further, the demand spread overseas, catching media's attention worldwide. From ordinary people to fashion editors, they were scouring stores to find the color. There was also a report, that people are selling this shade on ebay for $100 (while the original price was $35). Finally, a public relations from YSL confirmed that the color had sold out because of "Man from the Stars".


Not only YSL affected because of the drama, Korean clothing company ShesMiss sold out of all 2,500 coats within days of the drama airing, prompting the brand to offer Jun Ji Hyun a two-year exclusive contract. From the example, you might see on how huge the impact when a top celebrities wearing a product.

Since the news goes viral, finally Korea Herald reported that the actress never wore the lipstick on the show. According to an industry source, "The color of her lips cannot be produced by a single product. The makeup artist mixed a number of different products, and YSL was not one of them."
Further, one of the official sponsors Amore pacific (a giant Korean cosmetic company), considered to take legal actions against YSL.


YSL definitely get a huge impact on its sales because of the drama. Further, the news from blogs and noise from its fan can be said as free marketing. Even though YSL has never stated that their lipstick is not the one that Cheon Song Yi use, but all stores marketed the lipstick to the consumer. In other words, they didn't lie, but they use it for their benefit. As an impact, this issue made Amore pacific considered to take legal actions.

Finally, from a company's perpective, the news can be considered as a good marketing, but the response might differ from every perspective. In other words, brand/firm might give a different response to it and a good way to solve it (before it become an issue) should be considered carefully.

What do you think of the news? What will you do if you are in YSL's position? Please share your opinion below :)

A healthy lifestyle are getting popular in every country. Fitbit is also a company that focus on building products dedicated to health and fitness. The idea was born in 2007 by Fitbit's founders, sensors and wireless technology could be used to create a fitness wearable products.

Even though this product is brilliant, but their attempt failed because there is no brand equity and very small noise. However, after getting additional funding in 2009, they start to recovered and finally distributed their products to various distributors. At that point, it was the right product at the right time and right place. Therefore, since then Fitbit growing its popularity in the market.

Fitbit doesn't create ads or huge campaign, but finally they launched a global campaign on 2014. The campaign airing in cinemas (US, Europe, and Asia). It was done in order to create more awareness of the product, and they would still hold their position as a tracker leading firm. Some of their competitors are Nike fitness tracker and Apple Watch. All of these product were used to track activities and sleep patterns. Today, Fitbit owns 61 % of the market.

As for the product, what makes it good and unique is because various choice of colors and trackers. There are 10 color choices for the bracelet. Further, 6 trackers choices are available to meet people needs and preferences.

Fitbit focused on few elements that would deliver the most value. Some of their strategies are:
1. Unique
They differentiated themselves from other products offered in the market. Their main point of difference was focusing on the software not the hardware.

2. Endorsement and Referral
The firm were utilizing the power of influential people on social media. They were giving endorsement to these influential people. Most of the popular fitness guru I knew (such as Cassey Ho), mentioned about Fitbit or were wearing this device. Further, Fitbit appreciated the word of mouth marketing, one of the most influential strategy which describe about a product and how it changed their daily habits in a positive way.

3. Community
Fitbit offering community forum, which as a Fitbit user, one can compare to anthers in his/her network.  Fitbit are linked with Facebook, so they can invite friends by using this social media platform. Therefore, people will be motivated to exercise when having peer support. Additionally, they can encouraged their friends to buy the product.

For casual exerciser (including me), Fitbit really do a good job in leading to a healthy lifestyle. However, Fitbit continuously growing its facilities and content. They recently have a partnership with strava, an app which focuses on intensive workout periods, which are suitable for athletes and professional.

Even I also bought the product about 2 months ago, believe it or not, this tracker helps me to be more active by walking more or doing some exercise.

Have you ever heard or own Fitbit? Share your experience or opinions on the comment below :)


If you are active in social media since long time ago, you must have heard of Friendster.
In 2002, Friendster was launched, before Myspace, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Just after its release, this site was a top social media and was adopted by 3 million users within the first few months. However, few years later most people left Friendster and move to Facebook.

Back in 2003, Google wanted to buy Friendster for $30 million. However, MOL (Malaysian company) bought Friendster for $39.5 million, which later Facebook bought Friendster's patent on 2010.
After that, on 2006 it was pretty much dead in the U.S. Finally, on 2011 the company crushed the website and redesign it to a gaming website. Their new focus would be for entertainment and fun, and not competing with Facebook.

What are the factors which caused this downturn?

1. competition
Even though this challenge always faced by every business, but according to Abrams (founder of friendster), when friendster almost reached two years old, there were some copycat site of Friendster. Further, few social networking sites were developed, such as Myspace (late 2003). However, the main problem is that the firm's inability to grow as fast as the competitors.

2. Technology problems
It was one of the biggest problem in the downturn. There were times when users can't log into their account, so they started to search and move on other social network, such as MySpace. Since there were problems with users' account, and Friendster were having difficulty in solving this problem quickly, many users were leaving the platform.

3. Low level of social influence
On 2009, it was recorded that the registered users were 10 million. However, the users were not connected to their friends. Therefore, it affect Friendster to think of new solution in engaging more people using their website. It is because, strong networks are mode from strongly linked people.


Xiaomi Corp., a private company that sells smarphones in China, has been a popular topic nowadays. Starting to grow from its original country (China), they slowly gain popularity in Asian country (such as Indonesia and Singapore).

A most popular question is "why the price is so cheap while the quality is good?".
Mi phone, could be compared with other popular brand name phones, such as Samsung or Apple. Even, Xiaomi has ranked third after Samsung and Apple, followed by Lenovo and LG.

Mi phone sometimes often called by people as China's iPhone, due to similar design on some Xiaomi's features. The company was accused of copying Apple's philosophy and mindset. However, Xiaomi argues that they maintained different set of principles. Further, their phone are using Google's Android operating system and this sets Xiaomi apart.

Some of you might now wondering about its design and price comparison with other phones. A picture below shows the comparison between Xiaomi Mi4 and Samsung Galaxy note 3 neo.

The price for Samsung galaxy note 3 neo is about AUD 480, while Xiami Mi 4 is approximately AUD 350. Considering the quality and price of Mi 4, most people (especially with tight budget) would prefer Mi4. Additionally, compared to Apple's iPhone 6, the price of Mi4 is only half. 

Back to the question I mentioned on first paragraph (why the price is so cheap while the quality is good?), a quick answer is:
The company choose to keep down both costs and margins, instead to concentrate on the product.

Xiaomi Corp. heavily relied their marketing through marketing buzz and social networking services. A unique thing is Xiaomi does not own a single physical store. Therefore, they sell all their products through its Website. Sometimes, limited availability flash sales were made to ensure supply does not exceeds demand and create a free marketing buzz on its product.

Further, Xiaomi also listening closely to customer feedback. Therefore, they create company user forums. Once a suggestion from the forum is picked up by the product managers, they quickly transferred it to engineers. Finally. their quality could be improved in terms of software or hardware. This process is often called by Xiaomi as "design as you build".

Another positive thing of Xiao mi Corp. is that they are transparent, the company listed the manufacturers and model numbers in spec sheet. This additional information made their customer happy about its service and also let them know about its material (so they could know whether the item is good).

What do you think of Xiaomi phone? Have you heard about this phone or considered to buy one?

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