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by Rika Nathania

Instagram, an App to Promote your Business

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We can see many people around us have instagram. From children to adult, they will have or know this social media. As people attracted to see visual (such as pictures or video), this app is getting more attention and users.

credit: justinjackson

From the statistic above, the growth of instagram users boost from 2011 to 2014. Of course, this attracts marketers to sell and market their items, since social media have a great impact on sales. As an instagram user, Jeremy take advantage from this app and finally his sales is nearly doubled from November to December 2012.
The example I provided happened on 2012, can you imagine what will happen in 2015? The result might be higher!

However, what are the elements to create a successful marketing on instagram? 
Here's the answer…

1.   Capture and post high quality photos
People will absolutely love higher quality photos. However, this doesn't mean all marketers only need to post pictures using SLR camera. Capturing good quality photos could also created by iPhone camera with some filter/editing app.

credit: eatandtreats

Additionally, a brand which use similar photography style (e.g. vintage/dreamy/Black and white) will attracts more people to follow their account. As an impact, more followers on instagram will result in higher potential customer.

2. Post pictures everyday, but not too much
To attract customer, post some photos in a day on different time and it should be done everyday. It is done to remind people with our brand, but not annoying them cause of too many pictures are posted on the same time (this might result in losing followers).

3. Use relevant and unique hashtag
Posting a relevant hashtag will increase chance for people to see and like the photo. However, sometimes the hashtag must be unique so the picture is still visible on the top of search engine.
Also, by creating a unique hashtag, people could easily search the catalogue or pictures. For example, topshop creates a hashtag #topshopjewellery, so people who want to shop jewelry could easily search the photos on instagram.

4. Promote and engage with consumer
Some example for promoting the brand are: 
- Create a giveaway event
- Endorse a celebrity to promote our brand
Both choices could significantly increase followers and engage people to interact/give comments.
On the other side, to engage with customer, you can also post people pictures when using the brand's product and it would creates trust to customers.

5. Incorporate with third party
Connect a brand with selling tools such as Inselly and Hashbag might be a good idea if a business does not have an online selling website. These application, facilitates users to search instagram listing (using hashtags) and purchase the items with paypal.

Other useful apps are Curalate and Blitzmetrics. These apps will help you check the post performance, monitor their performance compared to competitors. All the data will help you on decision making about the type of Instagram photos and content that you post.

In order to be successful in marketing business through instagram, remember to capture high quality photos, consistent on posting pictures, use relevant & unique hashtag, promote and engage with consumer, and incorporate with third party.

Have you tried those tips above or any experience on business on instagram? Share it below (on the comment section). :)

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