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by Rika Nathania

Story behind a Youtube rising star: Blogilates

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Few weeks ago, I created a VIDEO about Cassey Ho, which is popularly known as Blogilates from her Youtube video. If you like to do fitness and usually watch Youtube, you should've heard about her. She's one of an inspiration to many people, because of her bubbly personality and her motivation to appreciate body image. Mostly it's woman that watch her Youtube channel.

It's not easy to reach the achievement she received now and you can view her video that tells about her journey HERE. 

Today, she is considered as successful social media marketer. Further, she has appeared as an example of a successful social-media fitness entrepreneur in book Social media marketing all in one for dummies.

In marketing perspective, she creates value to her followers/viewers though her Social Media. All of her post, whether image or video are always informative and attractive.
Further, she always updated her Youtube weekly, and other social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) few times in a week.
Check out the video I create to hear the explanations on how Cassey delivers value. I must say that she's an awesome person!
(see my video HERE)

As a summary from the video I made, Cassey delivers value using:
Through her videos she's giving awareness on healthy body image, informative, and entertaining.
2. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
She gives regular informative updates and engage with fans.
3. Website (blog)
Her blog features a good navigation ( so people can see easily on the content they want to search) and keeps consumer up to date by joining her mailing list.

If you want to know more about Cassey and her fitness videos, you can check her CHANNEL.

Have you ever heard or maybe watch Blogilates channel? What do you think about her? Share your opinion on the comment below :)

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