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by Rika Nathania

Social media as source of income

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Have you ever heard about some people who can earn few thousand dollars just from social media?
Today, I will talk and explain further about it..

Wendy Cheng (known as Xiaxue) is one of the famous blogger in Asia and lived at Singapore. She started blogging since 2003, and mostly talk about her lifestyle. Later, she creates few social media such as instagram, twitter, Facebook and youtube, so people would know more about her. She receive 40,000 daily page view and about 14,000 followers on her blog. Moreover, youtube has been creating a partnership with this blogger.

She claimed, blogging is the only thing she do to get her income. However, her income is not stable because it's based on ads and it ranges about few thousand SGD a month. Below is the price list for ads on her social media.

 Other than her income, she also receive various products, such as beauty products, fashion, and electronics. She even receive cars as one of her sponsored products.

Source: Xiaxue

Michelle Phan, a famous beauty guru  who become famous from her youtube videos. Her career as a blogger started on 2005, but she started to make videos on 2007. She creates various makeup tutorials on her channel, from western to asian makeup. Through her videos, she achieved more than 7 million subsribers, 1 billion views, and officially become a youtube partner.

Other than receiving income from sponsorship like Wendy, Michelle also has a cosmetic line called Em-Cosmetics.

Being a popular vlogger/blogger would absolutely bring various positive aspects to the business, especially on marketing. This also happens to Michelle's online shop. People knows about this brand because of Michelle's popularity and they want to purchase it because of trust. When Michelle introducing her line, people believe that the cosmetics that she sell is a good quality, so they won't think too much to purchase it.

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  1. wow! very informative post! thank you.. i often watch Michelle Phan on youtube as well

  2. yeah ikr! sometimes I just feel like having my own channel or blog which I can monetize, but I wonder what kind of social media should I make so it could be worth seeing by ppl, worth enough to get income from it...

    1. It's actually based on what you want to put in the social media.
      If you like to share informative post, you can consider blog. However, if you want to share pictures/artworks, it might be a good idea to use Instagram.
      Even though it's really hard to get income from social media, before thinking about that, you might need to think on how to inspire people or made people learned from what you shared.

      Hope it helps :)