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by Rika Nathania

Fitbit (a fitness tracker) Dominates the Market

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A healthy lifestyle are getting popular in every country. Fitbit is also a company that focus on building products dedicated to health and fitness. The idea was born in 2007 by Fitbit's founders, sensors and wireless technology could be used to create a fitness wearable products.

Even though this product is brilliant, but their attempt failed because there is no brand equity and very small noise. However, after getting additional funding in 2009, they start to recovered and finally distributed their products to various distributors. At that point, it was the right product at the right time and right place. Therefore, since then Fitbit growing its popularity in the market.

Fitbit doesn't create ads or huge campaign, but finally they launched a global campaign on 2014. The campaign airing in cinemas (US, Europe, and Asia). It was done in order to create more awareness of the product, and they would still hold their position as a tracker leading firm. Some of their competitors are Nike fitness tracker and Apple Watch. All of these product were used to track activities and sleep patterns. Today, Fitbit owns 61 % of the market.

As for the product, what makes it good and unique is because various choice of colors and trackers. There are 10 color choices for the bracelet. Further, 6 trackers choices are available to meet people needs and preferences.

Fitbit focused on few elements that would deliver the most value. Some of their strategies are:
1. Unique
They differentiated themselves from other products offered in the market. Their main point of difference was focusing on the software not the hardware.

2. Endorsement and Referral
The firm were utilizing the power of influential people on social media. They were giving endorsement to these influential people. Most of the popular fitness guru I knew (such as Cassey Ho), mentioned about Fitbit or were wearing this device. Further, Fitbit appreciated the word of mouth marketing, one of the most influential strategy which describe about a product and how it changed their daily habits in a positive way.

3. Community
Fitbit offering community forum, which as a Fitbit user, one can compare to anthers in his/her network.  Fitbit are linked with Facebook, so they can invite friends by using this social media platform. Therefore, people will be motivated to exercise when having peer support. Additionally, they can encouraged their friends to buy the product.

For casual exerciser (including me), Fitbit really do a good job in leading to a healthy lifestyle. However, Fitbit continuously growing its facilities and content. They recently have a partnership with strava, an app which focuses on intensive workout periods, which are suitable for athletes and professional.

Even I also bought the product about 2 months ago, believe it or not, this tracker helps me to be more active by walking more or doing some exercise.

Have you ever heard or own Fitbit? Share your experience or opinions on the comment below :)


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  1. Dear Rika, thanks for posting this interesting topic. People nowadays are attracted to technologies and Fitbit has invented one that helps people to be more active physically. We know that sedentary lifestyle is damaging to the body, so hopefully Fitbit may contribute in shaping a healthier lifestyle.
    Cheers from Indonesia :)

  2. I'm sure in the future more brands will create product which focusing on health. However,Fitbit definitely done a good job by developing great invention before competitors.
    Thank you for spending your time to read the post!