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by Rika Nathania

Examples of Instagram utilization for brands

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Hello guys,
as I have mentioned from previous POST (about how marketers could use instagram to promote their business), here's few utilisation of marketing using instagram apps..

During my holiday few weeks ago, I went to Jakarta (Indonesia) and I visited Pantai Indah Kapuk with some friends.

Just to give few insights, instagram is really popular in Indonesia (more popular compared to Melbourne). Most teenager would have this app on their social media platform. Further, even kids or adults are using this app.
You could find people selling various items using instagram, from fashion, beauty, even foods!
What's more? There are some people who were really popular just because of instagram. These people usually has many followers (over 10,000 or maybe 100,000) and they usually get paid to promote & post pictures about particular brand.
Therefore, instagram is generally used by marketers to promote their brand, since the chances to get potential customer is really high (compared to other social media in Indonesia).

First stop was Xcape Indonesia.
This place offer few choices of games with 5D escape game rooms.
Choices of the games are Chamber of Secrets, Resident Evil, Catch me if you can, Whisper of the dead, and Vampire Diary.

Among all the choices, we chose Resident Evil (average difficulty and contains little physical activities).

and finally this white board caught my attention. It says that we could get 10% discount off if we follow their account and post a picture of Xcape cafe Indonesia.
Majority of the group members should post the picture in order to get this discount.

The game was really fun!
Basically we need to find hints to open locks, solve problems, and finally escape from the room.
However, too bad we failed the mission within the given time (60 minutes).
Next time, I will definitely back to play this game and win the mission!

Next, we went to an ice cream cafe (still near the Xcape cafe).
This cafe are selling ice cream inspired from korean ice cream. The owner is also korean and it was really popular especially among the teenagers. 

After tasting it, even though I'm not a really big fan of ice cream. I must says that it's really yummy! It's not too sweet, not too creamy. Everything is just perfect!

and again, as what I also found from Xcape Cafe, there was also a promotion related to instagram.
As for this one, it was not a discount, but a chance to get free ice cream.

In conclusion, I notice that every company has their own method to promote their brand. However, most of them utilized the advantage of promoting via instagram.
Especially with wooyoo, even though the taste are good, but social media hugely affected their brand. Reviews from bloggers, words from mouth to mouth, and also wooyoo instagram account have contributed to its popularity. Even though wooyoo doesn't have much social media, such as Facebook or twitter, but even with only instagram, their cafe is always crowded all the time.

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  1. What is the best platform in social media to used in marketing your business? And how to count the convertion of viewers become customers?

    1. It might be differ from one country to another, but I would say (in general) the most influencing platform is instagram. The user growth of this platform is really fast (compared to other social media).

      Although currently there aren't any accurate measure on convertion of viewers become customers (for instagram), but marketers could use application inselly or hash bag which directly connect to an instagram account. Therefore, when people buying from inselly/hashbag, the marketers would know the percentage of viewers from instagram who become customers.

      thanks for the questions and hope this helps! :)

  2. yes, it's true. I know wooyoo cafe from my friend's post on instagram

  3. I can totally relate to this post, because most of my friends actually are starting to check for all the latest trends on Instagram. This trend was not there half a decade ago, and it is amazing to see how influential social media is!