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by Rika Nathania

Which is the best social media for your business?

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This topic might be a good idea to think of, especially for small business. Even though the product is good, but with weak marketing strategies, the brand will eventually starts decline.

Before choosing  the best social networks, we need to examine few things such as our products, budget, and demographic of targeted customer.

Through the statistics of network worldwide, here's the top leading sites which can be used to market your business.

1. Facebook

With the highest number of active users 1,415 million around the world. Facebook is a good platform to build a community and reach a broad network. Even though younger generation start leaving/rarely use Facebook, but majority of adults are still active participating in Facebook. The primary reason of Facebook is to engage with friends and family, but they start to offer various features for business. Few examples are the paid advertising options. Business can choose their budget to promote their brand (through post or photos) and finally people (who might interested) are able to see the ads.
However, for small business it might not be a best option, because it's really hard to market if you don't choose paid options. The chance for people to see our posts are very small, since paid promotion business ads or post will be prioritized.

2. LinkedIn

This platform usually used by people in B2B industry. Most people use it for making business connections or looking for a new job. Average of LinkedIn users are people with high income and education levels. This platform might be a good media for middle to huge business to market their brand, but not a good thing to use for small businesses.

3. Instagram

This platform is one of the rising social networking sites, especially for young generations. Its feature that focus on visual aspect made people interested with this app. It might be a good choice for all types of business. Their options to market are not as much as Facebook, so even small business still able to market their product without struggling with their budget to use the app.
In order to getting popularities and followers on instagram, you can see my previous post HERE. Further, there are several example of brands (which are pretty popular) use Instagram as a tool to market their business. You can read the post HERE.

4. Twitter

With a good amount of active users (almost same as Instagram), Twitter can be a great choice, especially for business which appeal "Information Junkies".  Additionally, it's a good way to build a positive relationship with customer, by respond and engage with them.

5. Tumblr

Another platform which focus on its visual aspect is Tumblr. This platform can be considered as a mixture of Instagram and blog. Therefore, people could post pictures and write long text inside the post.

Finally, business should use various social media to promote their business. Even though marketers should consider various things that suits their business model, I would say that the best social media is Facebook (because of its highest active users). However, for smaller business it's better to start with Instagram.


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  1. Yep, definitely agree with this post. I think Facebook is the most effective purely based on versatile it is in terms of the age groups it appeals to and its simplicity, and Tumblr is probably the least effective out of the 5, as Instagram already supplies that visual outlet and is more simple/easy to use I think :)

    1. Thanks for your opinion!
      I'm agree with you, Tumblr will be the least effective as it's getting lower popularity compared to the past. Even though many user still using it, it might be a good idea if marketers use another social media platform considering future potential is not really high.

  2. Excellent post! For sure, Facebook may be the best choice to go for since it has the largest base of users and the most well-known social media platform. However, I prefer LinkedIn to reach a more specific target market - a more professional community. However it means that more effort and more cutting-edge execution need to be thoroughly demonstrate to attract people into their site.

    Would appreciate your effort if you can check my latest post on https://bittendee.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/kfcs-tray-typer-is-finger-lickin-good-even-with-greasy-fingers/

    1. Thanks for your opinion and definitely I'll check your post.
      Actually I'm also agree with your opinion. It might be a great idea to examine the community users in each social media before selecting the platforms to market their products. In that case, usually many business will choose to select few social media (at least 2 to market their brand).